Clean Energy

From attracting investment to driving economic growth and bringing down costs to making Ohio competitive, clean energy is driving Ohio’s economic rebound, diversifying our energy mix, and creating a brighter future for Ohio.

Benefits to Consumers:

Renewable energy is affordable, abundant, and reliable.

Wind and solar energy are affordable, abundant, reliable sources of electricity that can diversify our energy portfolio.  In Ohio, the vast majority of our energy comes from fossil fuel.  As the price of fossil fuel energy rises, renewable energy development softens the blow and keeps prices down. A good state energy supply is diverse; just as you don’t want all your money in one stock – you don’t want all your energy to come from one source.

Renewable power provides a clean source of electricity. Specifically, wind power helps keep electric rates low and protects consumers against fossil fuel price volatility. Solar energy is predictable and is most effective at “peak” times, precisely when utility rates are the highest. Since solar energy is the most productive during these times, it offsets expensive power and lowers costs for everyone.


Benefits to Economy:

Clean Energy is attracting investment to Ohio, creating jobs, and making us more competitive.

Led by pioneering businesses, renowned universities, and smart public policy, Ohio’s clean energy economy is driving job growth and attracting billions in investments to the state. Following years of economic decline, shuttered manufacturing plants and staggering job losses, Ohio’s clean energy sector has spurred a much needed economic renaissance, and in the process, established the state as a leader in the 21st Century/global economy.

From manufacturing to installation, Ohio’s wind industry has seen considerable growth. In 2011, Ohio saw the second fastest growth in installed wind capacity in the country. This growth was the result of projects like the $600 million Blue Creek Wind Farm in Van Wert County, the single largest private investment in the state in 2011. Importantly, many of the components for these wind turbines are being built right here in Ohio by some of the 600 plus manufacturers in Ohio’s wind energy supply chain.

Solar energy is harnessing Ohio’s legacy of innovation and putting Ohioans back to work. With over 160 companies and more than 5,000 Ohioans employed in the solar industry, the state has quickly established itself as a worldwide leader in the industry. The state was recently ranked second in the country for solar panel output and in 2011, the sector attracted more than $95 million into the economy.