About Ohioans for Clean Affordable Energy

Our consumer-based coalition is made up of consumer advocates, health groups, business organizations, environmental groups, local governments, and other non-profits across the state helping protect Ohioans by working to keep energy prices low and save you money.

Ohioans for Clean Affordable Energy (OCAE) is a statewide consumer coalition comprised of individuals and organizations working to promote the development and adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency to keep rates affordable and improve the environment for all residents.

OCAE is working to raise awareness about clean energy and energy efficiency by educating the general public and policy makers about the benefits of clean energy and energy efficiency which include reducing the price of electricity, helping Ohio’s economy, and reducing emissions.  OCAE educates consumers on choices they can make to improve their efficiency and make smarter choices about how they purchase electricity.  OCAE is an unbiased, fact-based resource for Ohio consumers.

OCAE believes that with greater adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency, we can help control the cost of electricity, stabilize rates, protect electricity rate-payers, and reduce air pollution – which will improve the health and financial status for Ohio residents.


American Lung Association

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Blue Green Alliance

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Environmental Defense Fund

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Moms Clean Air Force

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National Wildlife Federation

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Natural Resources Defense Council

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Ohio Environmental Council

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Ohio League of Conservation Voters

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Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy

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Policy Matters Ohio

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Sierra Club

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Union of Concerned Scientists

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University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio

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