Let’s move ahead by creating more jobs and keeping electricity affordable.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is helping you save money on your electricity bill.

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Clean Energy

Clean Energy projects are popping up all across the state.

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Benefits to Consumers:

  1. For $1 invested in energy efficiency, Ohioans have saved $3. In total, Ohio’s energy efficiency laws have achieved over $900 million in savings for Ohio ratepayers.
  2. Investing in more clean energy sources will help reduce harmful emissions giving us healthier air and reducing asthma and lung disease – ultimately saving lives.
  3. Ultimately, new power plants raise electricity rates. Energy efficiency is cheaper than any new source of electricity. After all, the cheapest power plant is the power plant we don’t have to build because we’re using less electricity and saving money.
  4. Clean energy is a smart bet for Ohioans. The more utilities invest in clean energy, the more we reduce our risk to rising rates from coal.

Benefits to Ohio’s Economy: Creating Jobs in Ohio/Creating Local Jobs

  1. Ohio’s clean energy industry has been a major contributor to the state’s economic recovery by helping get people back to work manufacturing and utilizing these technologies.
  2. From manufacturing products and goods to installers and residential service providers, Ohio’s energy efficiency industry employs almost 10,000 Ohioans.
  3. Ohio is home to a thriving clean energy economy with over 400 companies employing over 25,000 Ohioans.
  4. Energy is helping Ohio manufacturers lower costs so they can be more competitive and create jobs.